Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Flooding Affects Interiors of Palmdale Structure

The groundwater that entered this Palmdale home after a flash flood soaked the carpet in several rooms and wicked into the wallboards. The Before Photo shows on... READ MORE

Flash Flooding Devastation in Palmdale

When a flash flood flows into a lower-level subbasement in a Palmdale structure, the damage can be quite devastating. The contaminated water soaked the insulati... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in Palmdale

The heavy rains soaked the grounds in this Palmdale structure. The septic tank backed up into the commodes and covered the floor with biohazardous waste materia... READ MORE

Flood Demolition and Build Back in Palmdale

The Before Photo shows SERVPRO equipment completing the drying step of this flood-damaged project in Palmdale. The wood floor and lower drywall panels, being no... READ MORE

Storm Secondary Damage in Palmdale

The Before Photo illustrates the results when a flooded house is ignored for several days before cleanup and restoration services commence. The mud-filled groun... READ MORE

Rain and Wind Breach a Palmdale Roof

In a matter of minutes, a strong, straight-line wind storm can create havoc to a roof in Palmdale. The Before Photo shows hanging batten insulation and damaged ... READ MORE