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Why SERVPRO Does It Right in Palmdale

The slight bubbling on the walls above the tiled wall did not hint at the major problem behind the sheetrock. Upon inspection, the tiles were weakened, and ther... READ MORE

SERVPRO and Mold Remediation in Palmdale

Not all restoration companies are licensed and experienced in the proper removal of mold. SERVPRO, backed by a team with AMRT applied microbial remediation tech... READ MORE

Water Damage In Sun Village

You don't need to panic if your Sun Village home is damaged by a water disaster. Our crew has your back! You can reach our water damage professionals 24/7. Our ... READ MORE

Palmdale and Water Cleanup

The washing machine, located in this Palmdale area kitchen, leaked and flooded the engineered hardwood flooring. These planks can be salvaged with rapid removal... READ MORE

Palmdale Home with Water Damage Gets Fast Action from SERVPRO

A late-night phone call to clean up a Palmdale home with a massive amount of water damage from a broken supply line leading to a washing machine. Because there ... READ MORE

Water Damage Repair In Sun Village

The team to call after a water damage incident occurs in your Sun Village property is SERVPRO! Our professionals will respond quickly to your disaster. When we ... READ MORE

Palmdale Crawlspace and a Mold Attack

During damp times of the year, crawlspaces in the Palmdale area of CA often suffer from a mold infestation. This is generally caused by insufficient air circula... READ MORE